Octaëder Meditatie


When you go to this page you will see an Octahedron (Double pyramid) slowly turning. This shape is part of the universal language, the sacred geometry. Playing behind it is an OM that I sing and I have put into the OM healing and the light of the Source, full of love.  As you watch and listen, breathe gently and deeply and affirm that you breathe in harmony with the Earth. The Octahedron not only connects you with the Earth and the consciousness of creation, it creates a beautiful space that is grounded, and yet also reaches out to the highest spiritual minds. Begin by just allowing yourself to be, in the moment, enjoy the contact with the nature of Earth.  Fill the Octahedron with love and open your Heart to the light of the Source that is always there. If you need healing, simply ask and let it come to you.  You can also use this meditation to send healing out to others, just ask and let it go without condition.  Then just be in a space of now and enjoy. I recommend that you do a minimum of five minutes, but wat matters most is what is comfortable for you.

With Love


lut 19.11.2019 19:38

leuk de octaëder meditatie : draait in 2 richtingen en er word steeds iets nieuws opgelicht

Kristl De Bilde 04.10.2019 08:32

Thank you dear Tareth for this beautiful meditation❤️

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12.12 | 10:52

Is het mogelijk mij op de hoogte houden via nieuwsbrieven?

19.06 | 15:39

Heerlijk om de meditatie te doen En diepe ontroering en vrede als ik naar...

19.11 | 19:38

leuk de octaëder meditatie : draait in 2 richtingen en er word steeds iets ...

07.11 | 07:13

Hartelijk dank! Eén taalfout gevonden ... als schrijftster let ik daar natuur...