Zaterdag en zondag 25 en 26 november 2023

Tareth & Soul Team

Graal Weekend 25th & 26th of November 2023

De Hoeve, Abdij Zevenkerken Sint Andries

The Sun & The Planets

‘A Doorway to the New Era of Awakening’




Our solar system is a portal of consciousness, which we are all deeply connected to and this plays a vital role in the awakening of our spiritual being. We each have our own individual connection, and our lights are an aspect of this oneness, all being part of a soul family that you will experience in this heart sanctuary of divine source love.

The earth is our home and also plays an important part in our awakening process as it orbits the sun, the biggest and brightest star in our solar system. Tareth has manifested sounds from sacred earth energy centres, the sun and each of the eight planets, which we will be working with to awaken more of our spiritual minds. We will flow with source consciousness where we experience this deep connection with our soul family. Here, you will be bathed in a beautiful light of oneness, where your being will experience a space of peace and harmony that transcends words.

We will use manifested sounds from the sun and the moon to be a light in our shadows, where we will work deeply to dissolve any old patterns that no longer serve us or hold us back from stepping into our lights.

There will be time to reflect and share with each other, time for healing and time to laugh with tears of joy as well as those helping to release things. You will be held in a sanctuary of the heart, filled with unconditional love, where there are no judgements, you will be loved and accepted for who you are, no matter what your beliefs may be, because this is a space that transcends all differences.

This will involve working with the consciousness of all eight planets, by using each of their unique individual manifested sounds, before uniting them all into a oneness. By expanding your consciousness with the communication of Mercury, the love of Venus, courage of Mars, expansion of Jupiter, creativity of Saturn, intuition of Neptune, individuality of Uranus and transformation of Pluto. We will also connect with the crystalline structure of earth that also has a consciousness, a profound wisdom that plays a vital role in our awakening process.

Each of these unique sounds will expand your spiritual consciousness, help to heal things from time past and open this new doorway of awakening to really change your being forever. We will teach you simple techniques to use this and become a clearer channel for the light. You will also be given ways on how best to use this for self-healing, prepare before any spiritual practice, along with ways to use this beautiful connection for your own soul guidance.


Come and join us in the ‘heart of love’ and know the miracle you are.


Tareth, Arkuma, EshiNura and Soul Team

Wanneer: Zaterdag 25 & Zondag 26 November van 10h30 tot 17h30

Prijs: €145 voor de twee dagen, onbeperkt koffie, thee, water en versnaperingen

Inschrijven & info via:

Betaling: Graag een voorschot van €45 op rekening van Tareth Tareth:

IBAN: BE51 6528 2929 9562 BIC: BBRUBEBB ter bevestiging van deelname

Overnachting: Er is mogelijkheid tot overnachting (30-tal 1-persoonskamers & 5-tal 2-persoonskamers) in de Abdij (  of in een B&B in de buurt            

Bistro: In de bistro kan er een warme maaltijd (menu van de dag) verkregen worden alsook broodmaaltijd en pannenkoek of abdijbiertje….

Adres: Zevenkerken 4, 8200 Sint-Andries Brugge (In De Hoeve)


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